GCS Energy Recovery of Pinellas, Inc.

GCS Energy Recovery of Pinellas, Inc. holds the operating contract for the Pinellas County Waste-to-Energy (WTE) located in St. Petersburg, Florida. The facility has a nominal capacity to process approximately 3,150 tons of solid waste every day. The WTE facility has the ability to process over one million tons of solid waste every year. This facility can produce up to 75 megawatts (MW) per hour of clean, renewable energy. It sells on average 60 MW of its generation for distribution within the community, and the remainder is used to power the plant itself. This clean, renewable energy powers approximately 45,000 homes and businesses every day. The WTE facility uses air pollution control technology and continuously monitors multiple air emissions parameters to meet state and federal standards. The Facility utilizes the energy from waste process to reduce the volume of waste that otherwise would be landfilled by approximately 90%. The ash generated from the combustion of solid waste is further processed using size-separated screens. Both ferrous (steel) and non-ferrous (aluminum, tin, and copper) metals are recovered from the ash using mechanical equipment such as magnets and eddy currents. The recovered metals are sold to metal recyclers, and the remaining ash is used for landfill cover and interior site berms and roadways.

Technical Data

Facility Address:
3001 110th Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
Tel: (727)572-9163
Fax: (727) 572-4360

Operating Contract with Pinellas County:
December 31, 2024


Pinellas County owns and operates a 705-acre permitted solid waste disposal facility, located at 3095 114th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, which includes the waste-to-energy facility and sanitary landfill, as well as yard waste processing and a household electronics and chemical collection center (HEC3). The majority of municipal solid waste disposed in Pinellas County is processed by the waste-to-energy facility. The sanitary landfill is used for waste-to-energy ash, non-combustible waste, oversized items, and as a backup for times when incoming waste exceeds the waste-to-energy plant's capacity or when the plant is down for maintenance. Additional solid waste disposal capacity is provided by private construction and demolition(C&D) debris landfills within and outside of Pinellas County's boundaries

The Pinellas County waste-to-energy facility occupies about 15 acres within the Bridgeway Acres Landfill site.


Commercial Operation:
May 3, 1983

Third boiler was completed September, 1986

Energy-from-Waste system:
Three nominal 1050 ton-per-day of solid waste waterwall furnaces with Martin® reverse-reciprocating grates

Boiler Design:
Steam is produced at 600 pounds per square inch and 750 degrees Fahrenheit.

Air Pollution Control Equipment:
Semi-dry flue gas scrubbers injecting lime, fabric filter baghouses, nitrogen oxide control system, mercury control system, and continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) system

Solid Waste Capacity:
1,050 tons per day of solid waste (nominal) per boiler based upon an established reference HHV

Energy Generation at Rated Capacity:
One 50-megawatt condensing steam turbine generator, one 25-megawatt condensing steam turbine generator, auxiliaries, and switchgear

Sold to:
Progress Energy, a unit of Duke Energy Corp